Hardware and software supply

Do you feel lost and in over your head if you have to buy new hardware or software?

If you do, you will appreciate our expert advice on how to make the best choices.

Buying new hardware or software is always a delicate task. There are plenty of things to worry about: for example, how to choose the best from among hundreds of available options and how to avoid being cheated while shopping.

A reliable professional who is able to match your requirements with the available options can save you a lot of trouble in these situations.

Hunet Kft. would be pleased to be your partner!

Whether it is a tiny gadget or a crucial computer component that is at issue, we will always be there to help you choose the best possible hardware equipment or software solutions. We can also advise you on how to integrate the new acquisitions into your existing systems. We will help you to avoid excessive spending or buying a poor-quality product. Your preferences and requirements will be our top priorities.

We will purchase and install the selected devices, install the new software, and set basic configurations. No matter if it is just a printer cartridge, a network adapter, or a notebook or a projector, you can be sure that you will always get maximum value for money. You will never have to bother with installation or making painstaking adjustments with new computers. It’s always ready-to-work equipment that we will hand over to you.

All these services will be available for you…

… if you choose Hunet Kft. as your IT system administrator. We will make all of your required purchases at a favourable price and ensure that your IT system is operating smoothly, free of headaches and fully supporting your company’s profitability.

Ask for our quotation, and we will send you a highly advantageous offer tailored to your specific requirements.