About us

About us

Name:HUNET Számítástechnikai Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Address:1145 Budapest, Varsó u. 31
Founded:9 August 1995
Tax reg. no.:12060245-2-42
EU Tax No.:HU12060245
Company reg. no.:01-09-462043

Our story

Starting in the 1990s, with the onset of the computer age, companies like yours have gradually found it more and more imperative to task computer professionals with the administration and maintenance of their IT systems. The protection of valuable data and the need to ensure that the IT system is operating without interruption and in a fault-proof manner have become indispensable for the success of a company. By the present day, this requirement has grown even more pressing, as an occasional breakdown of communication networks connecting global corporations may cause enormous damage.
The first steps

It all started twentythree years ago. We were two good friends who spent most of their spare time tinkering with computer gadgets. As time went by, we received more and more requests from friends and acquaintances to help them in buying, assembling, configuring and installing computers and parts and with related tasks. “Why not to make it our business?” we asked ourselves, and soon thereafter we registered our IT consulting company.

Our growth was stimulated by our partners

Later we found that smaller companies were increasingly interested in IT developments. But while they could introduce new manufacturing and sales technologies themselves without any problem, they needed external help with upgrading computer hardware and software. It also became obvious that in order to increase production, improve services and achieve higher profitability, every company needed uninterrupted and fault-proof IT systems. And to ensure this, a reliable IT systems administrator had to be called in.

With a few years of experience behind us and with growing confidence in our own skills and competence, we established Hunet Kft. in 1995. The following year, we bought up another small company and recruited additional staff. In 1998, we bought our premises on Varsó utca. In 2000, we launched our internet services division and, four years later, we cemented our market presence by taking over the clients of another company.

By 2010, Hunet Kft. has become a significant player in the market of IT systems administrators and, ever since, we have managed to maintain our excellent position.

Our aim is to provide more and better services to our clients so that their IT systems are able to reliably support their companies’ secure and uninterrupted operations.

We trust your company will also join our ever-increasing pool of clients.

Company executives:

Hirschler András, Executive Director, Hunet Kft.
Hirschler András
Executive Director


Széll Ferenc,Sales Manager, Hunet Kft.
Széll Ferenc
Sales Manager
Horváth László, IT manager, Hunet Kft.
Horváth László
IT manager

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