Have you ever thought about the extent of the damage, extra cost and lost revenues a system outage can cause to your business?

There are few things more essential than a reliable IT system. Anyone whose system has ever broken down would surely agree. A good system is like your heart: you do not even feel it beating, but when it stops, all your vital functions collapse…

When an IT system fails, workstations slow, internet connections are lost, e-mail networks become unavailable – your business is literally paralysed. One reason you might be looking for a new systems manager may be that you have also encountered typical problems that seriously hamper your company’s profit-making processes.
These typical problems may include the following:

  • E-mail connections are lost. Your staff is unable to receive or send messages. Offers and price quotations are not sent to your customers within deadlines, thus important business opportunities are missed.
  • Standard working processes slow down due to lagging workstations, employees sit idle, customers become irritated, deadlines are missed.
  • The internet connection goes down. Websites providing vital information become unavailable. Video conferences must be cancelled. Another unwanted and enforced interruption. Your staff is unable to follow exchange rates, stock prices and so on, which may result in financial losses.
  • Total network failure. Your entire company information system comes to a standstill and employees are unable to do their jobs.
  • Virus or malware infections may also corrupt the system, causing long-lasting and recurring damages and, in the worst-case scenario, wiping essential data from servers.
  • Although printing and scanning problems are relatively easy to solve, they may slow down everyday customer service. The complaints of indignant customers may damage the general image of the company.
  • Physical faults caused by normal wear or accidental breakage of components can also be a major headache. An IT systems manager can also help you easily overcome these problems.
What makes a good systems manager?
  • Around-the-clock availability, impeccable skill inresolving faults without delay and at reasonable cost.
  • Perfect knowledge of your system to the smallest detail and the capability to repair minor faults remotely.
  • Intelligence to give you a comprehensible explanation of the cause of faults and instructions to avoid their recurrence.
  • Loyality to your company when you need advice and assistance in purchasing new hardware or software.

It is not the number of problems solved that defines a good IT system administrator,
but the fact that there are no problems at all under his management.

If you need security and a safe ICT environment to run a solid business, you have come to the right place. Our system administrators will be at your disposal with

  • a profound understanding of your problems
  • the ability to speak comprehensibly even about the most complex of technical issues
  • the skill to clear occasional faults without delay
  • the assurance that your profit-making process will not be interrupted
  • the technical means to continuously monitor your ICT systems – the “heart” of your operations – to avoid breakdowns and revenue loss

Stop! There’s no need to search any further for a suitable systems manager! Request a quotation and we will put together a tailor-made offer customised to your computers, network and particular tasks.